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About Us

As one of the fourteen exceptional schools in the El Monte City School District, New Lexington School fosters, challenges, inspires, and empowers all of our students and staff to make a positive and immeasurable impact on the world around them.  

We are committed to the academic and social emotional well being of our students in kindergarten to sixth grade who come from diverse cultural and social backgrounds.  

Our community is dedicated to fostering the development of the leader within every individual through the Seven Habits.

  • Habit 1:  Be Proactive
  • Habit 2:  Begin with the End in Mind
  • Habit 3:  Put First Things First
  • Habit 4:  Think Win-Win
  • Habit 5:  Seek First to Understand, Then Be Understood
  • Habit 6:  Synergize
  • Habit 7:  Sharpen the Saw

We are committed to actively engaging students by providing them rigorous classroom instruction that reflects the most effective teaching strategies like Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) in Mathematics.

We pride ourselves on providing a safe and positive learning environment where parents are partners in their children’s education. 

We utilize Professional Learning Communities to assess student learning through data analysis, goal setting, and collaboration.    This includes using data to guide and inform our instruction for:

  • Guided reading
  • Targeted reading and math intervention 
  • Enrichment opportunities
  • Supports for English Language Learners 
  • Supports for students with special needs.  

We empower others to recognize the gifts and potential of every individual by building a community that embraces leadership, affects positive growth for the future, and develops relationships.

This year, we are proud to move into our second year of our Mandarin Dual Language Immersion Program.  It has been exciting to watch as our young students become bilingual and biliterate.  As they learn to understand and appreciate different cultures, they are finding the beauty of our differences and the similarities that draw us closer together.  In addition, New Lexington School offers an array of opportunities for children to explore  through Music, Legos/Robotics, STEAM opportunities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), and Musical Theater. At our school, we also value student voice and leadership so we have a strong Student Lighthouse Team who is committed to hosting a variety of student events and spearheading student community outreach initiatives. Our continued partnership with LEARN and the ASPIRE Program enables us to provide supports for our students and extracurricular opportunities after our students' instructional day ends.

New Lexington is a remarkable school.  The quaint size of our campus makes us special.  With twelve general education classrooms kindergarten through sixth grade and our PALS program, our students are known by name by all of our staff members.  Our well-kept campus is beautifully decorated with the Seven Habits.  Our Buddy Benches around our campus provide opportunities to ensure that all of the students are socially connected because every student matters.  Our student and staff restrooms are beautifully decorated with themes and  positive messaging to remind our students of the leader within each of them.  Additionally, in preparation for the return of students on campus, our classrooms have been equipped with desk shields that are socially distanced.  New water bottle filling stations and outdoor hand washing stations have been installed to ensure safety for all.  

Finally, it would be remiss to not mention our wonderful supportive parents and families.  Their commitment to our school is evident through their participation in school events, parent workshops, Parent Teacher Association (PTA), and advisory committees such as the English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC) or School Site Council (SSC).  We are so fortunate to be partners in learning.

New Lexington is a fabulous school to attend!   Give us a call at (626) 575-2320 if you’d like more information on enrolling your child here!